Ukrainian members of political parties who participated in 2004 Orange Revolution that brought the country's former president Viktor Yushchenko to power, intend to create a joint opposition party.

The parties decided to begin the formation of a joint opposition to the current leadership, BYuT deputy Vasyl Derevlyany said, RIA Novosti reported.

"This week, we will come up with a joint statement signed by those lawmakers who wish to join the opposition," Derevlyany said.

The opposition will include lawmakers from Batkivshchyna, Our Ukraine, other BYuT bloc member parties, and For Ukraine and will be joined by lawmakers from the Ukrainian People's Party, Derevlyany added.

Another BYuT member, Andriy Pavlovsky, said the new opposition will jointly fight against the current regime in the country.

Critics of Yanukovych's administration have accused him of rolling back some of the freedoms of the Yushchenko presidency. Yushchenko and Tymoshenko expressed anger over the ratification of a naval base agreement with Russia.

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