Kazakhstan is interested in the establishment of joint nuclear fuel production with Ukraine, Kazakh Ambassador to Ukraine Amangeldy Zhumabayev said at a press conference, UKRINFORM reported.

The diplomat said that Kazakhstan intended to develop cooperation in the nuclear sector with Ukraine. "We will study the issues of cooperation in the mining and processing of uranium and the production of fuel pellets, as well as the training of Kazakh experts in the sphere of nuclear energy at Ukrainian universities," he said.

The ambassador added that a competitive struggle for the Ukrainian market in the nuclear industry was continuing and that Kazakhstan was interested in cooperation due to the fact that it is planning to build a new nuclear power plant.

Zhumabayev also said that Kazakhstan planned to supply two million tons of oil to Ukraine in 2011. "Tariff questions on oil supplies were agreed two weeks ago," he said, adding that six million tons of oil is to be transited across Ukraine, while two million tons will be processed into petroleum products on Ukrainian territory.

He said that oil supplies would be conducted as part of agreements reached between the presidents of the two states.

The ambassador said that negotiations were continuing between the two countries on a number of projects, in particular, on the creation in Kazakhstan of a joint venture for the production of agricultural machines and the production of spare parts for railway transport.

In addition, Kazakhstan is considering the possible production on its territory of aircraft designed in Ukraine. Kazakhstan also plans to sign a tripartite agreement with Ukraine and Russia on the launch of commercial satellites from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

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