Ukraine is planning to revise the level of contamination in the territories assigned to the Chornobyl zone, and thus reduce it. Volodymyr Skubenko, chairman of the National Commission on Radiation Protection of Ukraine's Population to the Verkhovna Rada, told reporters during a roundtable.

According to him, the indicators of radiation levels in certain localities do not correspond to the level with which they were given Category 4.  Therefore, on the order of President Viktor Yanukovych, a road map will be created for new measurements of radiation.

"We are not talking about changing any benefits or payments to victims, but about changing the status of the territories, opportunities for development and rehabilitation of these territories.  For 25 years we have worked only to eliminate the consequences.  Now it is the time to build," Skubenko said.

Previously, Dmytro Zaruba, deputy head of the State Service for Tourism and Resorts, said that the Chornobyl zone can become one of the most popular tourist destinations during the holding of the European Football Championship in 2012. According to him, with proper organization of logistics, the Chornobyl zone, recognized as one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world, can take up to a million people a year.

 As a result of the Chornobyl accident in 1986, about 5 million hectares of land was withdrawn from agricultural use, a 30-kilometer exclusion zone was created around the power plant, hundreds of small settlements were destroyed and buried.

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