The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has passed Thursday a new wording of the tax code with the proposals of President Viktor Yanukovych taken into account. The document saw 268 votes in favor, UKRINFORM reported.

First deputy chief of the Presidential Administration Iryna Akimova, who presented the president's suggestions, stressed that the head of state is convinced of the need for adoption of the tax code. "Without this document, the country can not continue to live and develop normally, and the outdated system of tax administration can not ensure the development and keep afloat the pressing economic and social programs," she pointed out.

As UKRINFORM reported, on November 30 the president vetoed the tax code, as in his opinion, it was necessary to finalize those sections of the code, which relate to the protection of rights of producers and businesses.

A working group was tasked to urgently prepare changes to the tax code, adopted by parliament on November 18.

The supported proposals of the president say that the code as amended on November 18 contains "substantial risks that could result in the restriction of civil rights and violation of the fundamental guarantees of the rights and freedoms defined by the

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