The Cabinet proposes to perfect a mechanism of protection of state interests at foreign courts. Draft amendments to the procedure of carrying out protection of rights and interests of Ukraine during settlement of disputes, considerations at foreign jurisdictional bodies with participation of the foreign subject and Ukraine was adopted at the government meeting, the Justice Ministry press service informed, UKRINFORM reported.

According to the Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych, the government proposes to remove the gaps in the existing procedure of presentation of state interests with the foreign jurisdictional bodies and settlement of disputes with participation of foreign subjects. In particular, main functions on ensuring protection of state interests at foreign courts is proposed to be concentrated within one central executive power body, the Justice Ministry.

In addition, measures are proposed for perfection of coordination of actions of power bodies during settlement of disputes and consideration of cases at foreign jurisdictional bodies, as well as perfection of the procedure of settlement of disputes and payments by the Ukrainian party in case of the dispute settlement with the foreign subject. It is proposed to determine a procedure for filing an action on behalf of the state of Ukraine in case of revealing legal basis for filing such an action.

The Cabinet notes that the designated measures will help reduce expenses from the state budget, since their carrying out is aimed at settlement of disputes on the pre-trial stage of dispute settlement.

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