Yulia Tymoshenko congratulated small business and the Ukrainian people on vetoing the tax code and said that her political force has its own draft code, which according to Tymoshenko, preserves the simplified tax system for small enterprises and should be adopted immediately.

"The struggle for the veto of the tax code was a positive lesson for the young Ukrainian democracy and showed that the country has a civil society capable of defending its interests.

Our political force stood on the side of the entrepreneurs during the protests. In recent weeks we gained valuable experience in constructive collaboration between the opposition and civil society. If we can continue to coordinate our efforts in a similar fashion, in the future we'll again be able to force the government to listen to the people," she said.

Once again Tymoshenko criticised the current government stating it has no positive plans for the country and its people. According to the politician, only the influence of a strong civil society "can help to achieve our goals."

"For the second time in the last six years the people have risen against Yanukovych, and for the second time they have been victorious in defending their rights with the help of the Maidan.

Yanukovych, who supported this code from the beginning, who approved every comma at all stages of its development, was scared by the mass protests and vetoed the legislation, making its "junior co-authors" – Azarov and Tihipko – the endmen. Only a weak person can blame his subordinates for his own mistakes out of fear.

Yanukovych fears the Maidan like fire. The Maidan has already defeated him twice. But in addition to the tax code, the government has written a number of other laws that are no less odious. And if they again fail to listen to public opinion and the opposition, there will be a third Maidan – one that may prove fatal for Yanukovych," Tymoshenko said in her speech.


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