The Presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Dmitry Medvedev and Viktor Yanukovych, are meeting in Moscow on Friday to discuss cooperation in trade, industry and energy, RIA Novosti reported.

"Cooperation in the gas industry is developing mostly in a conflict-free manner," presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko said. "[But] the huge amount of gas deliveries and transit means its necessary for the heads of states and governments to pay constant attention to the issue."

Prikhodko did not say whether the two leaders would discuss the possibility of creating a joint venture between Russia's Gazprom and Ukraine's Naftogaz.

Medvedev and Yanukovych are also likely to discuss Russian-Ukrainian joint ventures in aerospace.

Earlier this year, the Russian and Ukrainian prime ministers ordered the relevant ministries to organize full-scale cooperation in aerospace between the Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and Ukraine's state-run Antonov aircraft manufacturing concern. Initially, the joint venture is expected to work out proposals for integrating UAC and Antonov and providing marketing and after-sales service for Antonov aircraft, some of which are partly built in Russian factories.

"Amid intense competition on international markets, integration of companies with such scientific and industrial potential looks quite promising," Prikhodko said.

The two leaders are also expected to sign a deal on the construction of a transport route across the Kerch Strait in the Sea of Azov, which separates Russia from Ukraine. The project's cost is estimated at $1.4-$1.7 billion.

The construction of a bridge would shorten the distance between the two transportation hubs of Kherson and Novorossiysk by 450 kilometers (280 miles). President Viktor Yanukovych promised in his 2010 campaign to build the bridge.

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