Yulia Tymoshenko is hoping that before the International Monetary Fund (IMF) makes a decision regarding the next disbursement of its loan to Ukraine it will carefully study the circumstances behind the Stockholm arbitration court’s ruling that Ukraine must compensate RosUkrEnergo for 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

"To continue the cooperation that Ukraine so very much needs, it seems to me that there needs to be a careful analysis of this deal and how this money will be used by Ukraine", Yulia Tymoshenko said during a meeting in Kyiv with the head of the IMF mission, Athanasios Arvanitis, Tymoshenko's official website reports.

At issue is the 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas for which Ukraine paid Russia’s Gazprom, but that following the Stockholm court’s ruling, one backed by the new Ukrainian government, must be returned to RosUkrEnergo.

"I know very well the difficult financial situation that all countries find themselves in after the global financial crisis and how important it is for every country to allocate special financial resources to the IMF. This money is collected from each donor country’s taxpayers, and it would be unfair to Ukraine and all IMF donor countries if this money was used to pay for a not so transparent transaction with RosUkrEnergo," she said.

Yulia Tymoshenko said that implementation of the Stockholm court’s ruling is a problem not only for Ukraine. "The problem concerns Naftohaz’s finances, the company’s possible bankruptcy, and as a result, the instability of transport of Russian gas to the European Union by Naftohaz," she added.

She underscored that the Ukrainian opposition supports Ukraine’s cooperation with the IMF. "We are in favor of cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF, we will promote such cooperation, and hope that it serves as an impetus for true reforms in Ukraine."

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