President Viktor Yanukovych took part in today’s session of the Verkhovna Rada. The MPs were considering the nomination of Viktor Pshonka to the office of Attorney General of Ukraine, brought in by the President on November, 3.

"According to the Law on Prosecution, the term of office of Prosecutor General Olexandr Medvedko has ended. Therefore, I nominate Viktor Pshonka to be appointed the Prosecutor General," President Yanukovych said, addressing the MPs.

In his speech the President emphasized the importance of attorney’s office role in reforming law enforcement agencies system, combating crime and corruption.

President Yanukovych said that today, the people expect effective reforms in all areas of life. "We need a calm, balanced approach to the issue of reforming," he said.

Referring to the attorney’s office personnel, the President stressed that they will always be leading these processes. "With your participation, we must elaborate our anti-corruption legislation from scratch. Hopefully, we will do it soon," he said.

Viktor Yanukovych noted that he expects the newly appointed Attorney General to intensify work in this direction. "I would like you to make a contribution, give a push and add activity in the process," Viktor Yanukovych said.

Speaking about the importance of modernizing the system of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, the President reminded that judicial reform is being implemented actively. He also drew attention to the importance of cooperation between attorney’s offices and the judiciary. "We need not just operational, but strategic coordination of our actions," he said, adding that it primarily concerns seeking ways to modernize the law enforcement system.

He expressed hope that the process of administrative reform will start in Ukraine very soon, which will also have its influence on the prosecution. "We have lots of work ahead of. Hopefully, we will be partners. We will coordinate actions, bring order in the country, will quietly and without fuss modernize the law enforcement system in the center of which is the General Attorney’s Office," he said.

"I wish success to you and the entire General Attorney’s Office personnel in your work. So that we always saw positive results," he said referring to Viktor Pshonka.

President Yanukovych also praised the five-year work of Procurator General Oleksandr Medvedko. "During this time he certainly did everything, so that the General Attorney’s Office served its vital cause in the society, which is to protect human rights and ensure observation of laws and the Constitution of Ukraine," Viktor Yanukovych said.


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