President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych gave a positive assessment of the preparation for implementation of national projects in the state.

"The path we have chosen is correct, and we must follow it with optimal speed. We understand this well," he said at the expanded meeting of the "National Projects" working group of the Committee on Economic Reforms, according to the presidential press office.

The President emphasized that the work already done requires moving move forward, and any delays are unacceptable.

"Our main goal is to start practical activities to implement the decisions taken by us," Viktor Yanukovych said.

The President reminded that he has recently signed a decree identifying four priority areas for national projects: "New Energy", "New quality of life", "New infrastructure" and "Olympic hope 2022”.

"In each of these areas the Government was commissioned by November 8 to approve a list of national projects that had been discussed in August and September at meetings of the Committee on Economic Reforms. I will supervise this process," he said.

"The priorities we have identified are essential to our country. We expect that we will make a kind of breakthrough in these areas and start a positive movement," Viktor Yanukovych said.

Certainly, he said, in some areas national projects will become experimental sites for testing approaches, which will be applied throughout Ukraine in case of their success.

"So, the instruction I will sign after this meeting, should include development of new approaches to the formation of national target programs in areas such as waste management, development of water transport, physical education and sports, etc.," Viktor Yanukovych said.

President Yanukovych drew special attention of the Cabinet to the need for financing the preparation of feasibility studies for national projects.

"For each national project a complete package of documents must be prepared for the investors to make a decision," the President said.

He, furthermore, supported the importance of studying carefully the issue of state guarantees while taking loans for realization of national projects, noting: "no state guarantees can be provided on all national projects because the burden on the state budget would be too heavy. But we must prepare a list of criteria, where it is necessary."

The President invited all the present to benefit from cooperation in the framework of national projects. "I hope that the circle of our friends and partners will be growing," Viktor Yanukovych said.


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