President Viktor Yanukovych chaired an expanded meeting of the "National Projects" working group of the Committee on Economic Reforms on national projects, presidential press office reported.

The Head of State stressed that each of these projects represents practical realization of the program of reforms and is a part of the economy of the future, because national projects are first of all development projects.

The President stressed that they define a new quality and new level of development of specific economy sectors and aim to address specific social problems or economic renovation of the entire regions.

"National projects will soon become a sort of engines of development and their planning and implementation will be a part of structural reform of the national economy. I understand these are only the first steps, but dozens of new breakthrough projects will follow them,’ Viktor Yanukovych said.

He noted that the approved national projects are aimed at improving the quality of life, energy production and saving, development of human resources, radical increase in the inflow of direct investment.

He also urged preparation of strong national projects in such areas as agriculture, aerospace industry, innovation infrastructure, social policy, etc.

Viktor Yanukovych noted that one of the national projects’ features is application of new management approaches. Their key principles are project management, personal responsibility, priority of private investment over the budget, partnership with the world's best companies.

"The process has started. Our today’s meeting that elevates national projects from purely theoretical to the practical plane is the evidence to that,” he said.

Viktor Yanukovych said that there are individual projects, negotiation of which with investors has already completed and the stage of their actual implementation has begun. The relevant feasibility studies have been prepared, too.

He stressed that at today's meeting, "we will hear first hand how the pioneering projects are realized.

"I am convinced: their example will urge us to explore the possibilities of cooperation in implementation of national projects more actively," Viktor Yanukovych said.

According to the President, participation of business in the implementation national projects emphasizes their stability and progressiveness. He also noted that the number of requests for participation in national projects is rather large and welcomed such an interest. In President’s opinion, participation of business in priority national projects is the evidence of its effective cooperation with the government and its social responsibility.

"I am convinced that our today’s meeting will further strengthen this interest of business. I would like to reiterate that every national project aims for strategic perspective, and needs introduction of the advanced technologies," Viktor Yanukovych said, adding that priority number one is creating new jobs for Ukrainian citizens.

The President expressed his belief that state support in the implementation of national projects would enable national producers to be on par with the global leaders in their respective industries.

Speaking about his vision of government’s contribution to national projects, Viktor Yanukovych stressed that the "lion's share of financing has to come from investors." These projects are promising for business and their support by the state should be aimed at facilitating elimination of regulatory barriers at the central and local levels, he said.

Therefore, Viktor Yanukovych stressed, instead of relying on the budget, the instruments of public-private partnership and investment in the national economy should be prioritized, which is especially important in the current difficult period of overcoming the crisis.

From its part, the President assured, the state will support the implementation of national projects through systemic changes in market access conditions and business making rules, simplification of permits system, transparent legal framework, etc.

In some cases, especially during the implementation of social projects, the Government could provide guarantees to attract credit resources. Thus it will encourage investors.

The President expressed confidence that national projects are a chance to consolidate the country and make a powerful leap forward.

In his speech, Viktor Yanukovych reminded that at the time of the Soviet Union, DneproGES, Baikal-Amur railway, Magnitogorsk, development of Kazakh virgin soil all were national projects in some sense. For the United States it was Roosevelt’s plan to develop highways network in the days the Great Depression. For Europe, destroyed after the World War II it was the Marshall Plan.

"I urge you to activity. We will always listen to you," he said, addressing the meeting.

The President noted that in the system of national projects there are no “bearers of the old bureaucratic approaches”.

"We will seek partnership. Because we have no time for gaining momentum. The specified rate should only grow. No excuses or justifications are accepted. We must be result-oriented," he said.

"We set ourselves the ambitious task of qualitatively new innovation and investment economic development. And together, we will perform it," he said.


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