Ukraine is ready to cooperate with all political groups in the European Parliament to achieve the objectives of European integration, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kostiantyn Hryshchenko said at a meeting of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs in Brussels, according to UKRINFORM.

The Ukrainian top diplomat noted that the Ukrainian side is disposed to conduct a dialogue with European partners. That is why the Ukrainian President, during his visit to Brussels on October 13, proposed a meeting with President of the European People's Party (EPP) Wilfried Martens to discuss the political situation in Ukraine. "We will join such a discussion when our political partners will be ready for that, no matter what the political spectrum they represent," Hryshchenko emphasized.

He invited the MEPs to visit Ukraine and hold fruitful meetings with all political forces from both the government and the opposition.

Hryshchenko said that he represents no political party of Ukraine in the European Parliament, but acts as a government official. In this context, he called "prudent" the decision to postpone the vote of the European Parliament regarding the resolution on political situation in Ukraine for the period after the local elections.

"We understand that this decision does not cancel the assessment of the events [by the European Parliament - ed.], and do not think that we have answered all the questions that are raised there [in the resolution - ed.]. We are convinced that it is first necessary to interact before making judgment, conduct the debates, have deep knowledge of the situation, listen to different sources of information and different voices. We are open, ready for this and are interested in this kind of debate that, I am convinced, reflects the European parliamentary tradition," the Ukrainian foreign minister underlined.

Asked by UKRINFORM correspondent about what exactly is Ukraine doing to ease the concerns of European partners about the state of democratic development in Ukraine, Hryshchenko said that the authorities in Ukraine are doing everything possible so that there are no such concerns at all.

"For that, certainly, it is necessary to clearly follow the process that occurs within the country, and this is what the President of Ukraine calls on all state agencies and authorities to do. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has only a certain area of responsibility - inviting international observers to assist in carrying out their work. We should help and not interfere in their activities," Hryshchenko said.

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