All the participants of election process must strictly observe the Law on Local Elections, President Yanukovych said in an interview in Kirovohrad, presidential press office reported.

The President called the use of administrative resources by public officials for political purposes unacceptable. "It is unacceptable in the electoral process. It is in fact violation of the electoral legislation. Whatever the law, it must be observed. This applies to all the participants of the electoral process," he said.

The Head of State pointed out that some political forces are trying to shift their internal party problems onto the government, or make statements that the government interferes in their internal party affairs.

"It shows these party organizations’ weakness and that they fail to manage their internal processes and try to blame someone else for that," he said.

Viktor Yanukovych said that over time these issues will be solved in Ukraine, particularly when election laws are brought together in the Election Code

He also noted that he had warned regional governors against interfering in the electoral process, and that they must ensure equal conditions for all political forces on the election day and during the vote count.

"The electoral process must be exclusively based on the law on elections," he said, warning that violators will be made answerable in accordance with the law.


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