The  Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has brought the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers into line with the  Constitution of 1996  and approved the President's authority to appoint the Prime Minister when agreed by more than half of the constitutional composition of parliament, UKRINFORM reported.

The Ukrainian parliament determined that the Cabinet structure consists of the Prime Minister, the First Deputy Prime Minister, three Deputy Prime Ministers, and ministers.

Cabinet members are appointed by the President as advised by the Prime Minister.

The government can be dismissed as a result of the adoption of the no-confidence motion against the Cabinet, the President's decision on the resignation of the Cabinet, the resignation of the Prime Minister or his/her death.

In addition, the government resigns after the new President is elected.

The Cabinet program is based on the electoral program of the President.

At the same time, in discussing the draft law the Verkhovna Rada removed a norm from the law, according to which the inaugural members of the government would have taken the oath before the President.

The Verkhovna Rada also determined that the posts of members of the Cabinet are political, to whom labor and civil service legislation does not extend.

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