President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych held a meeting with the heads of the factions that formed a parliamentary majority. Speaker of Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Lytvyn, the Party of Regions faction head Oleksandr Efremov, the Communist Party of Ukraine faction head Petro Simonenko, head of Lytvyn’s bloc Igor Sharov, Deputy Speaker of Verkhovna Rada Adam Martynyuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Andriy Kluev, Head of the President’s Administration Sergiy Lyovochkin participated in the meeting.

The President congratulated them on successful beginning of work in a new format in accordance with a recent decision of the Constitutional Court. “It is very important for stability in the country,” the President underlined, presidential press office reported.

“The people approve the policy makers’ aspiration to work together and resolve the challenges the people and country are faced with,” the Head of state added.

The President pointed to the importance of keeping up cooperation between parliament and government. “Efficiency matters the most for us. Efficiency can be attained only through cooperation of all branches of power,” Viktor Yanukovych said.

The Head of state cheered today’s decision of Verkhovna Rada to establish a Temporary Special Parliamentary Commission (with the powers of a chief parliamentary committee) on preparation of draft alterations to the legislation following the Constitutional Court’s decree on abolition of the 2004 political reform.

Viktor Yanukovych thanked Volodymyr Lytvyn for a proposal to include the President’s representative in the composition of this commission. “It is very important for me to have updated information on the laws in progress and pass my opinion so that the laws approved would be not vetoed but signed by the President. This will foster our motion on the way of reforms we with you have begun,” the President underlined.  

“The essence of our cooperation does not change, – the Head of state stressed. – We with you reached an agreement on our common actions earlier and will do it in the future, in the new conditions.”

“I will maintain partnership relations with Verkhovna Rada and demand from the Cabinet of Ministers to cooperate with parliament in full scope – both with VR Committees and MPs… Today the matter concerns the whole parliament’s involvement in this process,” Viktor Yanukovych underlined.

The President of Ukraine noted that the opposition should have a chance to express its opinion. This concerns both Verkhovna Rada MPs and ordinary citizens.

“It is important for all of us to understand that if there is a strong power – and we are building such a power – there should be a strong opposition as well. We should not put pressure on the opposition. It is absolutely normal. I reiterate the opposition should have a chance to express its opinion,” the Head of state marked. “We should develop the institutions of democracy in the country,” Viktor Yanukovych pointed out.

With that said, the President pointed to the urgency of raising the level of political culture in our country. “The level of political culture in Ukraine will get higher. I am certain thereabout,” the Head of state said.

At the meeting Viktor Yanukovych also raised the issue of preparation for and holding of local elections on October 31. “It is very important that the month remaining until the local elections would be quiet. On my part, I will demand from the local administrations to prepare for these elections without a stir,” the Head of state said.

Viktor Yanukovych also pointed to the necessity of observing the laws of Ukraine by all parties to the election process, and particularly by the members of election commissions.

“We should not exert pressure on any party. Let people get determined. Let them vote for the one they want to. Our laws should help them to do it,” the President said.

Viktor Yanukovych also said that after the October 31 elections it makes sense to start improving the voting legislation, particularly drawing up and approving the Electoral Code. 

“We should seek to pass such a document which would establish the electoral system and we would not revert to this matter from election to election,” the President said.

“The alterations to the Constitution on the electoral system are utterly expedient… I am convinced that these changes will find the necessary support among MPs because the matter concerns the deputies at all levels. We must vote on these changes at this session so that in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine we could approve them already at the next session,” the President summed up.

In his turn, Speaker of Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Lytvyn describing the situation pointed out that “he is pleased to note that work causes a calming effect on parliament.”

Speaker of Verkhovna Rada informed that after the Temporary Special Parliamentary Commission gives conclusions on the Law on Cabinet of Ministers, parliament will immediately consider it. The approval of the Law on Cabinet of Ministers will be followed by the consideration of the Procedures of Verkhovna Rada under the new constitutional provisions. 

Speaking about the powers of the opposition, V.Lytvyn supported the President’s position. “We should not give grounds for anyone to say that opposition cannot express its opinion. The main condition here is to observe the Procedures of Verkhovna Rada,” he said   

Moreover, Volodymyr Lytvyn added that today he looked through the PACE recommendations regarding Ukraine. “In my view, they are partnership. They raise the concerns we all see and which we are trying to tackle,” V.Lytvyn said.


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