Ukraine’s development into a democratic, economically advanced social state, where every citizen has conditions for self-realization and development, humanization of the society, modernization of the economy, reaching the European standard of living are the goals to be achieved in the near future.President Viktor Yanukovych said at the All-Ukrainian Congress of Lawyers.

"These and other tasks I identified in my Program, which received public support in this year’s presidential election, need professional efforts on effective facilitation of their implementation, first of all of the lawyers specialized in public law," he said in his speech.

Among the important steps on this way the president pointed out the Parliament’s approval of the Law of Ukraine ‘On the foundations of home and foreign policy’, which determines strategic directions of the development of our state. By means of joint efforts of all competent state bodies, Ukraine is able to make itself known as a strong sovereign state, which conducts its home and foreign policy with confidence and which is welcomed on the international arena.  

"I would also like to highlight that the approval of these laws definitely puts our state’s life in order and gives people clear-cut guidelines. Today, when this law is already in effect, we have achieved an important thing – Ukraine has become a predictable partner in the world. It is very important because solid and reliable relations can be built only on the basis of trust," he noted.

Along with the approval of the Law of Ukraine ‘On judicial system and status of judges’ Yanukovych spoke about a complex judicial reform, targeted at the European standards of justice. According to him, this step should usher in Ukraine fair judicial protection of human rights and freedoms, due judicial control, transparent and responsible judicial power, access to courts and justice for every Ukrainian.

Among the goals of the judicial reforms the president underscored a judicial system reformation in conformity with the world standards; high role of the court and status of judge in the society;judges freedom from pressure, including in the system of justice; and simplified access to the court for every citizen.

"To attain these goals, we need a reform of the criminal justice system. It is the next step. We are now consulting European experts, working with the Venice Commission regarding the expertise of new laws so that justice would become the thing that we value rather than the thing that we are afraid of.

Today a system of cooperation with many international experts and organizations has been established in order to carry out a public governance reform," the president explained.

Acording to Yanukovych, fighting corruption takes not the last place in home policy. There is an urgency to pass such counter-corruption laws which would become an effective tool of eradication of this shameful phenomenon. It will be done in the immediate future, the president promised.   

"A profound reform of tax and administrative system is also on the agenda," he added and called for the lawyers to work together with MPs to carry out the reforms.

"I would like you to unite for the sake of the program of transformations in our state, for the sake of reforms. The reforms should be clear to the Ukrainian people. It is very important. When people will support them, and they do have a desire to realize changes in our state, it will enable the society to unite more and more. Let us do it together with you," Yanukovych said.

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