At the sitting of the Public Humanitarian Council devoted to the development of physical culture and sport in Ukraine in the context of molding healthy lifestyle, President of the National Olympic Committee Sergiy Bubka supported the position of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych that the matter of healthy lifestyle as the key factor that impacts health should become a high priority for the society and state.

President of the National Academy of Pedagogic Sciences of Ukraine, President of Student Sport Union of Ukraine Vasyl Kremin underlined that the issue being discussed today at the Public Humanitarian Council is burning at least because the scientists estimate the level of the Ukrainians’ health at nearly 100th place of the world.   

“This proves that the conclusion made by the Head of state about unsatisfactory condition of the Ukrainians’ health is correct,” he noted. In order to change such a situation, first of all, in V.Kremin’s opinion, the whole society should recognize that today an individual, his or her health is more vulnerable than it was even a few years ago.

“We should create a new holistic model of human life in a modern time, where psychical, intellectual, and physical health is placed first,” he is convinced. The President of the National Academy of Pedagogic Sciences also supported the President’s idea to promote healthy lifestyle.

Minister of Family, Youth and Sport of Ukraine Ravil Safiulin in his speech raised the issue of development of sport infrastructure. He noted that many sport infrastructure sites exist only in statistical reports. This situation should be rectified.

“We should not only revive sport infrastructure. We should build it,” he stressed. “If we aspire to become a healthier nation, if we aspire to become a sporty country, we should develop sport infrastructure,” R.Safiulin pointed out.

The Minister also suggested constructing 500 multifunctional sports grounds, 15 swimming pools and 15 ice rinks a year starting from the next year. 

The Head of state supported such an idea. “500 sports grounds relatively means twenty-five sports grounds in every region. This is not a big deal. If we set such a task to local governments and regional state administrations and ask businesses for support, which are socially responsible today, I think we can arrange it and construct the sites in one year. I support such a proposal,” the President of Ukraine said.

The Public Humanitarian Council members also pointed to the urgency of promoting healthy lifestyle, increasing social advertising in the media.


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