President believes the state needs partnership relations between power and business to be actively developed, as he told joulrnalists in Donetsk during his working visit.

“We should pass this way very quickly,” the president said and reminded that the most countries of the world have made great progress in developing partnership relations between state and business. Viktor Yanukovych underlined that such steps brought these countries success and substantial opportunities for economic growth.

At the same time the head of state expressed confidence in the importance of the fact that Ukraine is already moving along this way. In this context the president estimated highly such forums as today’s international investment summit, which gives great opportunities for sharing opinion and conducting a constructive dialog. 

“This partnership benefits the state and society, people the most, while corruption among officials suffers,” the President said and added: “Today we are doing everything so that the system built in our state for ages would be changing for the benefit of the country, but not for the benefit of officials and corruption.” 

The head of state has underlined that power will make every effort to bridge the gap between the society and its access to various services rendered by the state. That is why, Viktor Yanukovych noted, the licensing system should be profoundly reformed and streamlined.

“The licensing system should be reformed – the number of permits should be decreased and matched up with the world standards. The society, people, who give their estimation, are the best controller,” the president summed up.


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