In New York, President Viktor Yanukovych took part in the High-level Plenary Meeting of the UN General Assembly, dedicated to achieving of the Millennium Development Goals.

In his speech, President Yanukovych stressed that the adoption of the UN Millennium Declaration had been a sign of countries’ around the world recognition that development tasks and humanity’s problems are common and global-scale.

“Solidarity of the countries, their mutual support and responsibility are the key to well-being of each separate country and the world as a whole.

We can state today: the Millennium Development Goals have become a real agenda of global development of humanity and general imperative for all the governments.

Yanukovych reaffirmed the devotion of the new political leadership of Ukraine to achieving of the Millennium Development Goals and their commitment to the broadest possible international cooperation under the UN auspices.

According to Ukraine's president, the program of reforms initiated by him and the program of the new Government of Ukraine due to their social orientation are closely related to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Ukraine’s aim is comprehensive modernization of the economy and active social policy, Yanukovych stressed.

"We have started systematic structural reforms aimed at creating powerful and modern technological economy and ensuring high standards of living to the population and protecting its most vulnerable groups.

The Millennium Development Goals are the beacon and the system of priorities for implementing the strategy of reforms in Ukraine at the same time, because they reflect the most acute problems faced today by our society.

Having undertaken the commitments stated by the Millennium Development Goals, Ukraine made their achievement a major guideline in its national economy," Yanukovych said in his speech.

Acording to him, providing wellbeing of the population, overcoming poverty, achieving high standards of healthcare, combating HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis, ensuring access to and quality of education, environmental security, and gender equality have become the priorities of this policy.

For the last 10 years, Ukraine has introduced a number of sectoral and intersectoral programs, aimed at achieving of the Millennium Development Goals.

"We have submitted to the UN Secretariat the report on implementation of the Millennium Development Goals indicators set for Ukraine. As one can see from this document, Ukraine has made substantial progress," the president said.

Among the achievements Viktor Yanukovych pointed out the increasing of the level of minimum social standards, and the reduction of the number of people living below the poverty line. "Ukraine has strong global ratings, and reforms in this area are currently going on," he added.

Yanukovych also mentioned that the situation in healthcare had improved substantially. "The most notable achievements are reduction of child mortality and improvement of maternal health. Among the pressing tasks are improving gender equality and environmental health. The situation with HIV/AIDS is of the most concern. We must put extra efforts into solving this problem," he said.

The president explained that as in most countries, our work to achieve the Millennium Development Goals was affected significantly by the global economic crisis, which has damaged almost all the sectors of economy, thousands of companies and incomes of millions of citizens.

"As the sources of rapid growth of the pre-crisis times are exhausted, Ukraine’s only way to get back on a stable development trajectory is to conduct decisive and comprehensive reforms aimed at improving economic competitiveness, and combined with reasonable social policy," he said.

On behalf of the authorities of Ukraine the president thanked the international community, organizations and governments that provide support to development processes in the country and are open to further cooperation.

"At the same time, we are ready to continue being a reliable partner of the international community in resolving global problems and realizing the Millennium Development Goals. We treat the threat of global food crisis responsibly. Last year, Ukraine became a donor to the UN World Food Programme for the first time.

I am certain that in a while, thanks to the strong potential of its agriculture, our country can be an important element of global efforts in fighting starvation in several regions of the world.

I believe that the Millennium Development Goals are real and achievable.

They require hard work inside each country and close cooperation of all countries in the world. Ukraine is ready for such work and such cooperation," said President Yanukovych.


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