"Worthy election on October 31 is a matter of honor for us," said President Viktor Yanukovych at the field meeting of the Council of Regions in Bucha, Kyiv region, presidential press office reported.

The President stressed that questions of legality, openness and transparency of the election to local councils are his top priority, adding that as President, he has committed himself to ensuring the irreversibility of democratic transformations in our country.

On the eve of the election, Viktor Yanukovych stressed some fundamental conditions that would allow holding it in line with international standards.

In particular, President Yanukovych requested chairmen of law enforcement authorities to ensure law and order during the election campaign, on the election day and during counting the votes. He stressed that he expects immediate response to any violation of the electoral legislation or restriction of rights and freedoms of voters, and demands unconditional protection of citizens’ right to assert their rights in court.

Viktor Yanukovych warned state officials from the temptation and attempts to use any kind of administrative pressure. "Be fair", he asked.

The President stressed that he demands all officers and employees of central and local governments to refrain from interfering in the work of election commissions and obey the law.

"All deputy and mayor candidates must have equal rights, including for the election campaign," Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

He instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to fully finance expenditures related to elections. The President stressed that if there is a need to adopt some legislation, the Prime Minister must immediately organize the work and take personal supervision over allocation of funds. "You are the person responsible," Viktor Yanukovych said.

Chairmen of Local Administrations, according to President’s assignment, must help electoral commissions in realizing their authority. The President reminded regional governors of their direct responsibility for providing commission members with premises, transportation and communication.

In his speech, President Yanukovych separately addressed political parties participating in the election. "I demand that all the participants of the race refrained from politicizing the election process," Viktor Yanukovych said, adding that the matter especially concerns the work of election commissions, which must perform their duties on organization and holding the election clearly and consistently. The President stressed that he will ask and urge political parties to ensure implementation of the duties of commission members elected on the quota basis. He also pointed to obligatory attendance of all meetings of commissions by their members and need to be active during the decision making.

Addressing the audience, Viktor Yanukovych has asked them to make comments or suggestions to the draft decree and instructions of the President of Ukraine on preparation and holding the election.


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