Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn does not see any reason to change the alignment of political forces in parliament. He said this in an interview with GlavRed, UKRINFORM reported.

"No one will leave the coalition, as well as there will be no significant influx of opposition to the power. Most sides have already been taken, and it will be possible to talk about maybe some minor movements," Lytvyn says.

The Speaker also assured that he is interested in a stable operation of the parliament. "I'm like no one else is interested in stabilizing the situation, and of purely pragmatic thinking is not interested in the coalition having a constitutional majority," the Speaker said. According to him, it would not allow the majority to take "complex solutions in a simple way."

"Such decisions should be taken responsibly, and not with a wave of a hand. Because they will be of a great importance for Ukraine, and I want them to be positive or mostly positive," Lytvyn said.

The coalition now has about 260 members.

Volodymyr Lytvyn also expressed confidence that amendments to the Constitution should be made through parliament, rather than a referendum. However, if it comes to rewriting the Basic Law, the Speaker admits a referendum. "When it comes to a total reinvention of the Basic Law, of course, a referendum can not be avoided," Lytvyn said, adding "In the end the product, which the society will receive, will be made by Verkhovna Rada."

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