Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych congratulated Ukrainians on the occasion of  Ukraine's Independence Day, celebrated on August 24.

"19 years ago, with great hope and faith we accepted the challenge of fate – we stepped on the path of creating and building our own independent state. Current times, when we are entering the 20th year of Independence already, are special, because the government is doing everything so that Ukraine gained economic independence. For real independence is based on this foundation," he said in his address to the nation.

According to him, the program of reforms he declared is a program of building economically independent Ukrainian state.

"I'm working on implementation of judicial reform, so that people could count on honest and fair courts, so that the law and human rights became the cornerstone of Ukrainian justice – not politics or money.

I'm working on the abolition of the draconian licensing system, which is a magnet for corruption, which oppresses small and medium business, and deters foreign investors. I support the development of strong and free media, and always will, because it is the foundation of democracy," the president said.

Yanukovych claimed he would not permit the country abandoning the path of democratic reforms in pursuit of selfish interests of some irresponsible politicians.

"I understand that the path we have chosen is very difficult and very hard. But there is no other way towards true freedom and true independence. There is no other way to the independent Ukraine, which I would like our children to live in.

As President, I will make every effort to build such a Ukraine – truly independent, truly prosperous, where people can live in dignity," he said in his congratulation speech.


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