Ukraine has raised the minimum unemployment benefit. Starting September 1, the minimum unemployment benefit for those insured at the Fund of Obligatory State Social Insurance against unemployment is not less than 665 UAH (1 USD - 7.9 UAH), since October 1 not less than 680 UAH, and since December 1 at least 700 UAH.

Previously, the assistance was 600 UAH (as of July 1). For non-insured unemployed, payments will be 480, 490 and 500 UAH respectively. In 2010, revenues and expenses of the unemployment insurance fund amounted to 7 billion 258.353 million UAH. In July, the number of unemployed in Ukraine decreased by 1.9 thousand. 

Besides, the official unemployment rate did not change and remained at around 1.4%. Totally, 396.8 thousand unemployed are officially registered in Ukraine, of which 289.6 thousand people receive unemployment benefits.


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