GDP growth in Ukraine has posted 5.5% since the beginning of the year, First Deputy Prime Minister Andriy Kliuyev said in an interview for the 2000 newspaper, according to UKRINFORM.

"I will say this: the situation is extremely difficult, but we are still slowly emerging from the crisis. First of all it concerns the basic industries, on which we can make certain conclusions," he said.

Kliuyev noted that the situation in metallurgy is "rather better", but the chemists face difficult situation due to falling prices for their products. "But I hope that by the end of the summer forecasts for the revival of demand of the global economy and their products will come true, then we can confidently talk about stabilization of the production in this industry," he believes.

The first deputy prime minister also considers the second wave of economic turmoil is unlikely to come: "I think there will be no new shocks of this magnitude any more. A serious recovery is seen in many countries, we also see the recovery in the largest economy in Europe - in Germany. And even in Spain, which was regarded as problematic, growth renewal is expected. In other words, we have enough grounds to say that the second wave, or any major relapses in the global economy will not happen."

According to preliminary data of the State Statistics Committee, Ukraine's GDP in the second quarter 2010 increased by 6%. In the first quarter 2010 GDP growth in Ukraine was 4.9%.

In turn, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and Prime Minister Mykola Azarov previously estimated GDP growth in the first half at 6.3%.

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