President Viktor Yanukovych is sure there is no censorship in Ukraine, he said today talking to journalists at the Sorochyntsi Fair, presidential press office reported.

The President stressed that if censorship did really exist in Ukraine, hearing such a question from journalists would be highly unlikely.

Viktor Yanukovych noted that he understands well that the discussion about freedom of speech and censorship in Ukraine is being heated up to be later used as an argument in political struggle. The President asked media representatives to inform him if "someone prevents them from writing the truth": "Please, give me names, name me a company, an owner ... So far, I have not received any specific answers”.

The President stressed that he is interested in the existence of press freedom in Ukraine. "I do not think there is a person in Ukraine more interested in you writing and telling the truth, than I am. I would like to be your partner. I fully realize that only a free person, whose rights are protected, can live happily in this country. I would like my children and grandchildren to live in such a country and wish them that", President Yanukovych said.


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