The Ukrainian government urges to end political speculation in connection with the resumption of cooperation between Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Cabinet said in a statement, UKRINFORM reported.

In Ukraine, according to the laws of the market economy, there was the need to change the gas price for households by raising it to 50%.

"There was no other way to preserve the economic independence of Ukraine, stabilize the financial situation, reduce the size of public debt, end the destruction of domestic oil and gas industry and the system of housing and utility services. The government of Mykola Azarov strongly rejects the policy of populism and is not going for the sake of ratings to sacrifice the well-being and stability of the country refusing from the necessary, though unpopular reforms in the early stages," reads the statement.

The Cabinet stressed that the provisions of the memorandum of cooperation with the IMF will not affect the living standards of pensioners and the poor. The acting government promises to aid them.

"The needy will not suffer from the higher prices, as the government's decision will compensate the costs for the unemployed and pensioners that exceed 10% of their household budget. For workers, the figure now is 15%," the government says.

Moreover, the Cabinet officials give several reasons of raising the retirement age for women: the current government has to borrow money from the countries where the retirement age is higher than in Ukraine. In the UK the retirement age for women is 60 years, in the US and Germany - 65 years, in Japan - 70 years; last year the deficit of the Pension Fund amounted to over UAH 17 billion (1 USD - 7.9 UAH). According to experts, this year it could grow to UAH 29 billion.

The Ukrainian society is in a critical situation: with a total workforce of 14 million, the number of pensioners has reached over 13.5 million people.

"The IMF loan is important for Ukraine, because it will restore the financial system, ensure the stability of the hryvnia exchange rate, increase investment attractiveness of the country, restore the confidence of the international community, which will ultimately lead to an increase in living standards of the Ukrainian people," the Cabinet underscored.

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