Residents of the Ukrainian Chernigov region have killed an offspring of an animal unknown to vets but rumored as chupacabra.

Village women from Chemer spotted a couple of strange beings on the streets near their plots, and a man killed one of the animals with a pitchfork, the UNIAN news agency said on Thursday citing local media.

Ukrainian media described the dead animal as resembling a hairless fox. The creature had a long tail and sharp canine teeth. However it moved like a kangaroo jumping on its hind feet, local residents said.

The autopsy of the bizarre creature has shown that it had lived on mulberries.

The veterinary administration of the Chernigov region confirmed the strange find. "Several photographs were handed to us. We cannot indentify the animal exactly from the pictures, but it is either a mutant or an interspecies hybrid," a spokesman for the administration said.

Ukrainian residents have repeatedly complained about attacks on small animals, namely chickens and rabbits, allegedly committed by chupacabras.

The word "chupacabra" comes from Spanish; it can be literally translated as "goat sucker." This word became popular in the 1970s-1990s after a series of attacks on livestock in Puerto Rico, allegedly committed by the bizarre creatures.

The chupacabras are described as animals whose appearance combines features of a kangaroo, a reptile, a coyote and an alien.


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