In the next six months 1.6 million to 1.88 million of Ukrainians may lose their job if the situation on the markets of the country is not changed, according to the press office of the National Forum of Trade Unions of Ukraine (NFTU).

"At this stage, markets are an important system-making component of the Ukrainian economy. According to official data, the markets of Ukraine provide over a third of total turnover of the country and more than 60-85% of revenues to local budgets.

Three Ukrainian markets are among the 50 largest wholesale and retail markets in the world. In addition, for the majority of localities the markets are seen as the major urban planning factor," said NFTU chairman Myroslav Yakybchuk, National radio reported.

In June, according to the State Statistics Committee, the number of unemployed in Ukraine decreased to 1.4%. In all, Ukraine officially registered 398,700 of the unemployed, of which 291,300 people are on relief. The average amount of monthly unemployment benefits has increased from UAH 663.76 to UAH 691.69.


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