According to the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe must be transformed into an organization, holding the lead in the European region.

According to NRCU, in the article published in the Holos Ukrainy newspaper and dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the OSCE, Lytvyn reviewed recent developments in the organization and noted that in recent years the OSCE "faced new challenges, which may paralyze the whole of its work."

Lytvyn stressed that the principle of consensus, which is the basis of the OSCE decision-making, "is running at idling speed under conditions of multipolarity and the incredible diversity of opinions and positions of members of the organization, bringing which together has become incredibly difficult."

Lytvyn has expressed the view that the OSCE "clearly needs a new wave of reforms and changes that would help enhance its role and importance in addressing the complex issues of security, economic and humanitarian cooperation in the vast space from Vancouver to Vladivostok."

The Speaker stressed that the OSCE "needs a leader who could broaden the horizons of the present and see the prospects of the future of this organization."


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