Twenty years ago, by adopting the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine, our state has made a decisive step towards independence, president Viktor Yanukovych said in his address on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine.

"It was not an easy decision, because mentally most of the MPs of the Verkhovna Rada of then-Soviet Ukraine were still thinking within the categories of political reality of the time. And yet they voted for a document that essentially opened a new page in the history of Ukraine," he said.

The president called not to forget that all previous attempts to obtain sovereignty had ended in failure and to remember that being a part of the Soviet Union, albeit with limited sovereignty, Ukraine laid the foundations for economic and cultural strength, without which its future independence would be impossible.

"Twenty years ago the Ukrainian people and, at the same time, the international community were given a clear signal about which way Ukraine will go in the future. Nobody could predict back then how difficult and controversial this progress would be. Many mistakes were made, much effort put into fruitless confrontation between different political camps.

But perhaps it was our fate to follow this road of hopes and disappointments to the end. Therefore, I believe we should neither exaggerate nor diminish the significance of these 20 years.

We are moving forward. At last the long-awaited political stability has come, the foundations for deep systemic reforms are being laid which will put Ukraine on the path of sustainable social-economic development," Yanukovych said in his speech.

As the President of the state, the Guarantor of the Constitution, Yanukovych claimed he is determined to provide Ukraine with such internal and external factors that would enable the people to feel that irresponsibility of the government is a thing of the past for good.

According to the president, the European prospects, the development of strategic relations with the centers of global politics, including with the Russian Federation, will ensure country's economic prosperity and social progress. Thus, we will continue the work started 20 years ago properly.


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