Government sets one and a half month for the whole complex of works on the subsidies allocation to citizens to pay for gas, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov announced today at the Cabinet's session.

"For all this work on the appointment of the target state aid to pay for public services the Government had planned one and a half month. By September 1, there should not be a single family which would not know about new opportunities for assistance, to save the family budget, and which did not use the opportunity provided by the Government," the Head of Government said.

Mykola Azarov requires all ministries and departments, local administrations and regional bodies of state agencies involved in organizing additional social protection, to carry out this ambitious work on time and with maximum care to the people: "We will evaluate the performance of the final result: that from 1st September each citizen, requiring for the state aid, could get it for sure."

The Prime Minister noted that all the responsible authorities have sufficient organizational and technical resources to complete the task, even at the height of the holiday period.

It is also extremely important, Mykola Azarov said, that all necessary work is to be carried out without the confusion and complaints from citizens: "I warn you that the Government will essentially come to evaluation of this work with people. Regarding those who react to it irresponsibly or indifferently will be put under stringent actions

The Head of Government noted that the Government is now dealing with a difficult affaire - corrects enormous populist socio-economic distortions that have been prevented by the previous government: "It is clear that this is not a simple matter and people should understand and feel that in reality it is the only way for new quality of life. Outdated disease at the last stage cannot be cured by sweet pills and bravura march.

According to him, if this phase will take place with the understanding and support of people whom the government would protect from overload, then it will open the way for reform of housing and communal services, to ensure that these services would be in Ukraine of high quality and meet European standards.

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