President Viktor Yanukovych stands for providing the Ukrainian society with the opportunity to obtain quality and unbiased information, he addressed the first meeting of the Public Humanitarian Council on Tuesday, according to UKRINFORM.

In recent years, said the head of state, our society has been often asking a question of how freedom of speech works in Ukraine. The president called the attempt to interfere in the activities of journalists "a real problem that arises in any society, not only in Ukraine". He drew attention to the need to resolve this problem.

"It's no secret that, formally media workers, journalists are free. In fact, we know that this is not true," Yanukovych said, noting that representatives of the mass media largely depend on the owners of newspapers and television channels that dictate information policy and wage levels.

The president stressed that all citizens should be on equal footing, regardless of who they are, or what positions they occupy. "Each case should not be ignored, but even punished," he said. Yanukovych also added that two weeks ago he ordered Prosecutor General's Office to expose violations of civil rights and freedom of speech.

Yanukovych also emphasized that Ukraine needs to create an information-cultural system as quickly as possible, which fosters the national consolidation. According to him, a working group developed a draft concept on creating public television. "We tried to find a model for public television, which would be consistent with modern requirements," he said. The head of state voiced confidence that the creation of public TV is as important as economic issues.

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