At today’s meeting of the Council of Regions President Viktor Yanukovych suggested creation of the Presidential staff reserve.

"Implementation of reforms declared by us must be reinforced with highly professional staff. To this end I would like to announce elaboration of the program on formation of the Presidential staff reserve," said Viktor Yanukovych.

The President also added that the Presidential staff reserve should be formed of young people who will be trained to work at all levels.

The Head of State has stressed that draft of relevant Presidential Decree is already prepared and will be signed soon. "We have studied this issue and the way it was solved across the world. I believe that now it is time to pick up the best staff among young people and it is time to trust them. We must involve these young people in government work of all levels. They are future ministers, senior government officials, including presidents and prime ministers. We must create competitive environment, in which senior specialists will be "brought up"," said Viktor Yanukovych.

The President emphasized that the experience of developed countries demonstrated that such staff reserves "allow forming a "vanguard" of professional managers able to conduct progressive reforms and gather associates around themselves."

Viktor Yanukovych noted that formation of the Presidential staff reserve includes selecting talented young people, providing them with the best education (and not only at national universities, but the "top" universities of the world) and involving these people in the work at public institutions of different levels.

In addition, he said, the program provides establishing "interview centers" for young professionals of central and local government bodies, successful managers and business specialists, who having passed relevant tests at such centers would be involved in implementing the program of economic reforms at all levels.

The third step of the program provides modernization of advanced training for key government officials of high rank. The President said that this issue is very urgent and it is really crucial to improve specialists’ skills.


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