The leader of the Crimean Communists, Leonid Hrach, who represents the radical wing of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), is continuing to make tough accusations against his allies in the coalition, the Party of Regions.

Hrach said live on the ICTV television channel that the authorities were planning to complete the creation of an authoritarian regime in southern and eastern Ukraine after October 31, 2010 (a probable local election date).

"Everything is leading to that. By means of seizure, by hook or by crook, amending the law and using the government apparatus and huge amounts of money, [they are trying] to establish their dictatorship in local government agencies," he said, UKRINFORM reported.

Hrach again described a staff reshuffle in the Crimean Council of Ministers, which was initiated by Crimean Prime Minister Vasyl Dzharty from the Party of Regions, as "reprisals" against the Communists, and accused the prime minister and the Party of Regions of "political Bonapartism."

He forecast that if the deputies, especially those from local councils, were deprived of their immunity, and the elections to local councils were held under a mixed, majority-proportional system, "there will be not only authoritarianism, but the year of 1937 will knock at the doors and windows after October 31."

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