Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn, who is on an official visit to Germany, introduced the German parliamentarians to the main provisions of the bill on the basis of foreign and domestic policy at a meeting with the chairman of the Bundestag Committee on EU Affairs Gunter Krichbaum and members of the Committee.

Lytvyn noted that the bill, which has already passed its first reading, clearly defines the course of Ukraine toward the European community. "Moreover, this is an issue that unites the society and does not cause differences in Ukrainian politics," he said, UKRINFORM reported.

At the same time, Lytvyn said the bill proposes to fix a non-aligned status of Ukraine. The speaker stressed that he is "not a supporter of such a situation, because eventually the moods in the Ukrainian society and the realities of the world may change, and we will be bound by the law".

Asked by Krichbaum on possible ways to smooth out the contradictions between the East and West of Ukraine, Lytvyn said: "This problem is being actively heated up by Ukrainian politicians who want to attract more of the electorate. Therefore, they impose on people such topics as relations with Russia, the prospects of joining NATO and the language issue".

In fact, said Lytvyn, people worry about work, wages, pensions, health care, combating corruption, the work of courts and authorities.

The country will consolidate, when first of all the authorities and politicians work," he said.

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