The recent reset in Russian-Ukrainian ties does not pose a threat to Georgian-Ukrainian relations, Georgia's Foreign Minister said during his visit to Kiev on Thursday.

"The improvement of Ukraine's relations with a third country does not pose any threat to Ukrainian-Georgian ties," Grigol Vashadze told a news conference. "Bilateral relations between Ukraine and Russia are the concern of those two countries alone."

Georgia's foreign minister thanked Ukrainian authorities on Thursday for their refusal to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

"I want to thank the Ukrainian president and foreign minister, in the presence of journalists, for the statements that were recently made over the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia" Grigol Vashadze said during a visit to Kiev.

After Yanukovych won the Ukrainian presidential elections in February, Tbilisi said it would maintain friendly relations with Kiev regardless of who was to rule the country.

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