Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said at a meeting with visiting Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund's European Department Poul Thomsen and IMF Mission Chief in Ukraine Thanos Arvanitis that he praised positive trends in the national economy.

The head of state said that these trends of recent months had been bolstered by the rigid saving of funds and their effective use. "Permanent measures are being taken to increase budgetary revenues and reduce costs for the maintenance of public institutions," Yanukovych said, UKRINFORM reported.

The president stressed that the state budget for 2010 had been passed with a marginal deficit of 5.6%, as demanded by the IMF. "According to the current budget dynamics, we are confident that the deficit will be smaller," Yanukovych said.

He assured IMF representatives that if the IMF provides a loan to Ukraine, these funds would not be used to reduce the budget deficit. "We are not planning to use IMF funds to finance the Ukrainian budget. They will be spent to stabilize the financial situation in Ukraine. It's important, because the stability of the financial situation provides the opportunity for economic development and production," Yanukovych said.

As reported, the Ukrainian government is negotiating with the IMF about a new program of cooperation, which foresees the allocation of a loan of up to USD 19 billion for two-and-a-half years. However, the negotiations are being delayed.

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