Mykola Tomenko, the Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, criticizes false strategy of Ukraine claiming  it is being dangerous as well as mistakes in the course of its implementation.

"Election promises of Viktor Yanukovych automatically entered the strategy of the development of the state for the nearest ten years, which provokes serious concerns," he said. Tomenko explained that it concerns at least certain essential notions such as the promise to enter the list of 20 most developed countries of the world and reach  the rate of 50 million population in ten-year term.

"It is obvious that such election targets in the activity program were formed by the foreign political technologists whose work is to attract people by the means of beautiful words and constructions," Tomenko emphasised.

The Deputy Chairman mentioned that none of well known specialists or experts consider these facts possible in remote future. Moreover, according to them, the statements regarding the possible entering of Ukraine the list of 20 most developed world countries is not only inadequate, furthermore it excites scepsis and irony of our European partners.

"Concerning 50 million citizens, the situation does not excite smiles any more as the foreign experts, aware of the fact that the demography specialists predict the figure of 43-44 million, can not comprehend who is going to come to Ukraine to provide the necessary 50 million", Tomenko stated.

The Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada is convinced that the defining of the strategy of Ukrainian development should be based on real facts. "It is obvious that we should reach big targets, though incorrect facts and aims are the root of all evil", he declared.

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