Salary arrears and debts to the Pension Fund of Ukraine continue to grow at the Sevastopol-based enterprises owned by the Ministry of Defense of Russia and associated with the Black Sea Fleet.

Deputy Head of the Sevastopol City State Administration Iryna Tsokur says that, amid the improving Ukrainian-Russian relations, the fact of growth of the Russian debt "looks strange". According to her, since the beginning of the year the 13th Shipyard, which belongs to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, has accumulated the debt on salaries from zero to almost four and a half million hryvnias (1 USD - 7.92 UAH).

Among the biggest debtors there is also the Lazarevskoye Admiralty plant, whose wage arrears in May exceeded two million hryvnias. Another 1 million UAH is the debt of the Sevastopol Marine Plant. All of these enterprises are also heavily indebted to the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

But the most difficult situation remains at the Construction Management of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, declared bankrupt last year. This debt has reached almost 11 million UAH, and this is half of all debt to the Pension Fund in Sevastopol.


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