The Party Regions has prepared the draft of a basic law on the languages of Ukraine, which will soon be tabled in the Verkhovna Rada. Its author is the head of the Party faction in parliament, Oleksandr Yefremov, UKRINFORM has reported, citing the Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Mirror of the Week) newspaper.

The document foresees the introduction of amendments to a number of legal acts, in particular, laws on education, judicial system, legal profession, local government, the media, radio and television, elections and referendums, as well as procedural laws.

The bill states that the Ukrainian language will obligatorily be applied throughout the country during the execution by the authorities of their powers, and in the educational process under the mechanism stipulated by the bill.

In this case, the document reads that the "obligatory use of the state language or the promotion of its use in any sphere of public life should not be interpreted as denial or derogation of the right to use regional languages in this sphere."

The bill contains a list of 16 languages that can be considered regional languages. The list includes Belarusian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Gagauz, Yiddish, Karaite, Crimean Tatar, Moldavian, German, Greek, Polish, Romany, Russian, Romanian, Slovak and Hungarian.

The bill empowers local councils of all levels to introduce regional languages. This could be possible if the number of native speakers in a certain area exceeds 10% of its population. If the number of native speakers is less than this figure, then measures on supporting regional languages are taken under decisions of local councils.

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