President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych took part in the meeting of Luhansk regional committee on economic reforms.

Participants of the meeting discussed the priorities in economic development of Luhansk region. Particularly, these were attracting investment of various sources into the region, optimization of municipal enterprises, modernization of healthcare facilities, etc.

Among the investment programs considered at the meeting were modernization of Gorskaya coal mine, Lysychansk refinery, improvement of drinking water quality in the region, finishing construction of the Slavyansk Regional Tuberculosis Hospital, etc.

Addressing the audience, the President said that the government is now seeking efficient form of cooperation, involving regions in nationwide program of reforms. "Even at today's meeting I see that we should follow the path of organization of systematic work. The aim of this work should be modernization of the country," said Viktor Yanukovych.

"Implementation of innovation and investment model in the state can boost development in various areas," he said, noting that central government and regional authorities must correct mistakes of the former government – bring order in the system of governance and already now think how to provide Ukraine with grounds for economic growth and ensuring normal living standards now and in the future,” he said.

"I would like central and regional authorities to work in partnership, so that people understood what's happening in the country and could plan their lives," Viktor Yanukovych said.

The President also said that Luhansk region has its own specific problems, so the order of their priority must be determined as soon as possible, along with finding solutions and clear mechanisms of their implementation.

"In any projects considered, relating to public enterprises, you must involve the appropriate ministries. We must make sure that these projects do not remain only suggestions, but are implemented," he said.

The President also thanked Luhansk region inhabitants for their support during the presidential campaign. "Now our challenge is to do everything to fulfill expectations of the people," said Viktor Yanukovych. He announced the intention to hold regular meetings of regional committees on economic reforms across the country.

"Not everyone can stand this pace of work, but I will try to show an example of how work should be done," emphasized President Yanukovych.

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