At his joint press conference with President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, President Viktor Yanukovych was asked by journalists whether something (for example, his opponents’ protests) could prevent the restoration of relations with Russia and affect their development.

"I am sure that today the Ukrainian people understand clearly where we were last five years," said the President, noting that today any Ukrainian would hardly agree to return to that time, presidential press office reported.

Instead, he expressed confidence that the number of supporters of stability in the country increases. "Today, in every region of Ukraine understanding of stability became crucial, because stability is a factor of improving the economy and people's lives. We must be effective not only in domestic policy. Authorities must win people’s confidence that can be achieved only by solving various problems related with life of the state and by providing decent life for its citizens. And they cannot be solved without economy," said Viktor Yanukovych.

"Has ever politics of confrontation in international relations been effective? I do not know such a country that would defend its national interests through confrontation. Our policy will be always dominated by principled stand in defending national interests. We will always adhere to this principle. It will be the basis," concluded the President.


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