US nongovernmental organization Freedom House monitoring over the global level of democracy has made its annual rating of mass media freedom, in which Ukraine ranks 117th, between Mexico and Lebanon.

In 2009, FH says, the situation in Ukraine somewhat improved thanks to fewer attacks on reporters, as well as a broad variety of opinions and media owners.

Russia is the 174th on the list.

Among the worst ten there are Belarus (188th), Uzbekistan (199th) and Turkmenistan (194th).

The best in the post-Soviet space by the speech freedom situation is Estonia (14th).

On the very top of the list there are Iceland, Norway and Finland, and on the bottom North Korea.

The survey shows global press freedom declining in 2009, with setbacks registered in nearly every region of the world. 2009 marked the eighth straight year of overall deterioration.

According to Freedom House, repression of print and broadcast journalism remains in place, while the internet and other new media have also been a focus of growing tension.

Only 16% of the world's inhabitants live in countries with a "Free" media, while 44% have a "Partly Free" media and 40% "Not Free," the survey said.


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