At the trilateral meeting among Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in Washington President Yanukovych expressed hope that Russia would support Ukraine’s initiative on getting rid of highly enriched uranium.

"We hope that you will support us by accepting the enriched uranium and processing it", he said, affirming that proposals previously discussed with the President of Russia are accepted by Ukraine.

"We agreed that highly enriched nuclear materials will be transported from Ukraine gradually, with the provision of financial and technical assistance to reduce the risks existing today in our state concerning the storage and protection of nuclear materials", said President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, making comments for the media on the results of his participation in the Washington Nuclear Security Summit.

Viktor Yanukovych also stressed the importance of participation of Ukraine and Russia in nuclear safety projects:

"The subject of the Summit taking place in Washington, I am convinced, now unites more than these 47 participating countries. It concerns the whole world … so naturally the participation of our countries – both Ukraine, and Russia – is very important, because we are the neighbors”.
In this context President Yanukovych emphasized the undeniable importance of the Washington Nuclear Security Summit and said that currently the idea of establishing a relevant international tribunal is being discussed.

"New decisions are elaborated, including the establishment of an international tribunal", he said and explained that such steps are response to the challenges of the times.

President Medvedev responded that Russia "appreciates the actions of Ukraine in this direction”.

"We have common positions and common concerns about what is happening in the world in that sphere as well as shared desire to give an adequate response to that", he said.


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