The UEFA Executive Committee has given the Ukrainian government 90 days to ensure that construction schedules for the facilities of the UEFA EURO 2012 European Football Championship are observed. Ukrainian Vice-Premier Borys Kolesnikov, who is in charge of Ukraine's preparations for EURO 2012, said this on April 7, after a UEFA delegation, headed by UEFA President Michel Platini, had visited the Donbass Arena stadium in Donetsk.

He said that the UEFA president would make the next visit to Ukraine in the middle of this summer to inspect the state of the country's preparations for the championship.

In his turn, UEFA President Michel Platini expressed doubts that a semi-final match of the Euro 2012 European Football Championship could be played in Donetsk.

"Every city has its problems and advantages. Lviv has more stadiums, but no stadium [like the Donbass Arena]. Donetsk has an amazing stadium, but there are not enough hotels to stage a semi-final," he said at a press conference at the Donbass Arena stadium in Donetsk on Wednesday, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

Platini said that the Olympiysky National Sports Complex in Kyiv was to be commissioned by June 2011.

"If all goes well, the stadium should be built by June 2011, but that's only if all goes well," he said.

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