President of Ukraine will never violate the Constitution and will act in strict accordance with the law. He will also accept any decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the legitimacy of the newly formed coalition, which means if the Constitutional Court was to decide that the Coalition is illegitimate, the President would be ready to announce the new parliamentary election, the statement of presidential press office says.

President Yanukovych has repeatedly said at different meetings he is doing everything for the society to get used to the new reality, when the government does not violate the law or Constitution. The President is trying to develop an attitude to the Basic Law that would make its violation in our country impossible.

Viktor Yanukovych has always criticized violations of the Constitution by the previous government and will never allow the repetition of such practices himself.

The President will create all the conditions for the Constitutional Court to work within the law - calmly and objectively.

As reported, Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the united democratic opposition claims that Viktor Yanukovych’s team is pressuring the Constitutional Court judges into ruling that the parliamentary coalition and government were formed constitutionally.

According to Tymoshenko, if a judge rules that the coalition and government were created constitutionally, he will get "a good pension and equally important job." The judges that refuse risk losing their jobs.

"The judges are not just being asked to resign, but before they do so to sanction these violations of the Constitution. Moreover, those who stay and agree to work with Yanukovych are being offered $1 million for the ruling," the leader of the united opposition said.

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