Local council deputies from BYuT have responded to opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal and announced they are going into opposition.

The decision was adopted during a general meeting of BYuT local council deputies in the Kharkiv oblast, Tymoshenko's official website reported.

"After just a few weeks in power, the new government team headed by Viktor Yanukovych has shown how it plans to govern Ukraine, fulfill its promises to the voters, respect the Constitution and universal values such as honesty, dignity and honor," says the statement from the oblast branch of Batkivshchyna.

The members of BYuT believe the new parliamentary coalition and government were created through a “constitutional coup, and massive ‘buying’ of deputies." "From the very first days of this anti-Ukrainian government led by Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions, freedom of speech is being restricted and people are being wrongly dismissed for not showing loyalty to the new leadership. Instead of increasing social welfare, as they had promised, the new government is already talking about drastic reductions in social spending and increasing tariffs.

"The patriotic forces in our country have already begun to form a powerful and united democratic opposition movement. On March 16, a united parliamentary opposition was formed in the Verkhovna Rada by eight parliamentary parties and 175 deputies. We are confident that in a short while Ukraine will have a strong opposition of democratic and patriotic forces, and then we will be able to preserve the democratic gains and prevent the country from sliding into a totalitarian abyss," says the statement.

BYuT’s local council deputies announced that they are going into opposition against the executive government formed by Viktor Yanukovych, and called on all local council deputies from the democratic forces to join the fight to defend Ukraine and its democratic future. "Today we must strengthen our unity and work together to protect Ukraine. And for the sake of this we are proposing not confrontation, but constructive dialogue. This is the only way we can return Ukraine to a democratic and European course of development," stressed the BYuT deputies from Kharkiv.

BYuT deputies in the Sumy city council also announced their move into opposition to the ruling government on March 24.

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