Parents of Ukrainian pupils and students will get a right to choose the language of stuffy, Education Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk announced.

“We are forming a working group on problematic education issues, including language. Pupils and students must have a right to choose the language of studying,” the minister said.

Tabahnyk noted that in April he plans to call directors of Kyiv schools and work out a system, which will help to implement legislation of Ukraine regarding parents’ demand to choose the language of studying.

“As for higher institutions, they will become more autonomous and as a result will be able to work out the language policy,” he added.

Tabachnyk also stated that this year “all pupils of Ukraine will pass tests in the language of studying.”

In addition, the minister assured that historical events regarding OUN-UPA and Holodomor in Ukraine will be taught “as specialists say.” “Personally, I believe that we must say the truth. If some political force was cooperating with Hitler, we must say that this force was cooperating with Hitler. If European parliamentarians say that we made a mistaking (awarding Bandera with Hero of Ukraine title – ed.) we should suppress our pride,” he noted.


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