Opposition government Prime Minister Serhiy Sobolev believes that if the Constitutional Court rules that the changes to parliamentary regulations and the new coalition are unconstitutional, this will be the start of the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada of the 6th convocation.

"In doing so, the Constitutional Court will deem the coalition and government unconstitutional and the country will have early parliamentary elections. This will also be Yanukovych’s first red card for signing the unconstitutional law that began this unconstitutional change of power," Serhiy Sobolev said, reports the BYuT press service.

The parliamentarian is convinced that the Constitutional Court’s decision on the changes to parliamentary rules will be the best check of Ukraine’s level of democracy. "This decision will become a check of democracy’s most important institution through the Constitutional Court and a test of whether this is a country with a rule of law," he underscored.

Serhiy Sobolev once again stressed that the coalition of the Party of Regions, communists, Lytvyn Bloc and deserters from other factions, as well as the government formed by it, are illegal. "The Constitution has not changed during this period, and previous decisions by the Constitutional Court confirmed that a coalition can be formed only by factions," he said.

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