Those in the united democratic opposition consider Arseniy Yatseniuk’s attempts to create his own opposition government by changing parliamentary rules to be illegal.

"I think its wrong for Mr. Yatseniuk to ask the Party of Regions for their support in helping him change the regulations" Serhiy Sobolev, the prime minister of the opposition government, said, according to Tymoshenko's official web-site.

He thinks that Arseniy Yatseniuk should just openly say that he’s forming his own opposition government by violating the rules of parliament.

"Whether you like the laws on not, whether you like the Constitution or not – they have to be followed. This is the principle of the rule of law and European politics," Serhiy Sobolev emphasized.

He also noted that if Arseniy Yatseniuk forms a government, it won’t be an opposition government, but a shadow one. "They would have a shadow government, while we have an opposition government," he concluded.

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